Email Flow by Document Type

The WAWF system is required to notify users of any action taken by another user. Notifications are forwarded to the originator of the document as well as to the next individual(s) to take action. The current method of notification to all WAWF users is e-mail. However, the originator is also able to get notifications in an FTP and/or EDI format as well.

NOTE: WAWF sends e-mail to an organizational e-mail address, not a personal e-mail address.

This organizational e-mail address is established when your organization first registers to use WAWF. It is the responsibility of your organization to forward the e-mails to the individuals who must take action. (Most e-mail systems have a function that routes e-mails automatically by the subject line of the e-mail).

Organizations have the capability to toggle e-mail flow. An organization location e-mail address, FTP directory, and EDI routing codes can be set to receive:

  1. All e-mail
  2. Negative e-mail - Recall and Reject
  3. No e-mail

NOTE: Government Administrators (GAMs) have the ability to set the desired notification flow setting.