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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - PIEE application

Question 1: I am a government user with COR (Contracting Officer Representative) role in PIEE. However, I changed my job recently, and PIEE allows one COR user role for each user account only. So, how can I change my COR location code to a new one?

Answer: A PIEE Administrator or a PIEE Government Administrator needs to reject the old COR role associated with the old DoDAAC. Then the user logs in to PIEE and goes to My Account -> Manage Roles and follow the steps below:

  1. Select SPM -> Request Activation -> Change Home Org to new DoDAAC
  2. Change other profile information (i.e. Supervisor) as needed.
  3. On the roles page, update to the new DoDAAC for COR role and resubmit updated role profile. Email will be sent to supervisor.
  4. Supervisor approves the new COR DoDAAC.
  5. PIEE Administrator or PIEE Government Administrator activates the new COR DoDAAC.
  6. User logs in and starts working on SPM as COR for the new DoDAAC.

Question: What does the implementation of v5.11.1 mean to me as a current user of the PIEE?

Answer: Mostly this release will have a new look and feel, and introduce new steps for the registration process. V5.11.1 also introduces the Contract Logic Service (CLS) application, and a change to re-engineer Government Furnished Property (GFP) allowing users to load GFP attachments to the contract. Both changes will reflect a new icon on your screen if you have the applicable roles. However, v5.11.1 has no new functionality within some of the applications (WAWF, EDA, SPM, NCCS, myInvoice, CCM, or eMIPR) you are used to using and should have little to no impact on your normal PIEE experience.

Question: What does v5.11.1 do then?

Answer: V5.11.1 migrates all users from the outlying applications into one group structure to be managed more effectively and efficiently. This means if you had an account in EDA, SPM, NCCS, myInvoice, eMIPR, CCM, CCO, and IUID you will still have this access. However, your account will be moved under Administration at the Location Code level instead of application level. It also means instead of having an Administrator to call for each application, this will be narrowed down to just a few Administrators/POCs for the whole suite per location code. These users are called Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) Government Administrators or PIEE GAMs.

V5.11.1 also introduces a new process for self-registration allowing users to provide their home location and job series that can then be used to leverage needed roles.

Question: I used to have administrator roles in the previous PIEE release. Upon logging into v5.11.1, the Administration option is no longer available, why?

Answer: Previously each PIEE module had their own specific Admin roles like IUID GAM, SPM Department Admin, EDA POC etc. With the addition of ECP1139 in v5.11.1, common administrative functions dealing with User, Role, Group, and Location management has been migrated to the PIEE Government Admin Admin Role List. Module specific administration functions are kept within the module.

Government representatives identified certain users to be PIEE Government Admins within their organization. It is possible that some folks were missed. Consult with your Organization representatives and supervisor. You may need to add the PIEE Government Admin role for the appropriate group to your profile after this consultation. Click this link to view a general demo on adding roles to an existing user: Adding Roles to an Existing User Demo.

Question: Some of my roles are associated with the Group 'Migration' instead of a Location Code? What does this mean?

Answer: The user's role was either registered against an invalid Location Code in v5.11.1 or was not assigned a valid Location Code for migration (primarily EDA users) to v5.11.1. If the user contains any active roles associated with the 'Migration' group, they will be redirected to a migration page after logging in. The migration page will require the user to identify a valid Location Code in the Group Structure for each role that has been flagged for migration.

Question: I am unable to login after the deployment of v5.11.1.

Answer: Your account may have been migrated and roles may not be active. Possibly, we were unable to map your access successfully or other issues occurred outside of abilities to correct with the migration process. Users should first contact their local PIEE GAM. They can find this information by selecting the “Find My Account Administrator” link from the home page. If your local PIEE GAM cannot help you, call the Help Desk, while the Help Desk can answer questions the final activation process will go back to the PIEE GAM for activation.

Question: Some of my user roles have been systemically archived. How can I have my archived roles reactivated?

Answer: Logon to PIEE and from the Portal page, click the 'My Account' button, then click on the 'Manage Roles' section, select the checkbox of each Archived user role, click the 'Request Activation' button, and complete the reactivation process.

Once the 'Request Activation' process is completed, an approval email will be sent to the Supervisor/Sponsor identified on the User’s Profile. After Supervisor/Sponsor approval, the PIEE GAM will activate the account.

Question: How do I update my location code for archived/inactive roles associated with the 'Migration' group?

Answer: If a role associated with the group ‘Migration’ is found in archive status post Version 5.11.1 deployment, and a user still requires access to that role, they should call the Help Desk for further assistance. The Help Desk may reject the role back to the user which will permit them to assign a valid location code to the role and resubmit for approval. In order to assign a valid location code, the use should go to ‘My Account’ – ‘Manage Roles’, select the rejected role assigned to the ‘Migration’ group, and request activation. If all roles on an account are inactive/archived the Help Desk will need to place the account in a “pending” status after rejecting the role.

If users still struggle with getting their account back in an active status they can call the Help Desk to request assistance to their local PIEE GAM, or the PIEE GAM can call the Help Desk to request assistance about an account they manage.

Vendor Customer Support: https://piee.eb.mil/xhtml/unauth/web/homepage/vendorCustomerSupport.xhtml

Government Customer Support: https://piee.eb.mil/xhtml/unauth/web/homepage/governmentCustomerSupport.xhtml

Question: How did the Registration Process change with v5.11.1?

Answer 1: (if the interface to Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) is enabled)

  • Registration for vendors and government employees now captures more information. This information is then used to determine which roles a user may need. It will not stop a user from acquiring additional roles.
  • For Government and Government Support Contractors the information captured during registration will then be used to validate your Common Access Card (CAC) credentials with the DMDC interface. Once validated certain entries on a user profile will be pre-populated and based on Job Series found (ex: 1107 or 1109) certain suite roles may be applied to your account automatically. Should a user quit their job or change Agencies, the information from DMDC will feed this information to the PIEE and place a current account on suspended status until their CAC card is renewed. Once the CAC card is renewed the suite will be updated with the new information allowing the user to login and update their profile with their new information pertaining to their new position, as well as add roles pertinent to their new job or job series.

Answer 2: (if the interface to DMDC is not enabled)

For Government and Government support contracts who register for PIEE suite access, the information will not be pre-populated on your behalf. Entry points such as Home Location Code, Job Series, and Job Title as well as certain roles will not be automatically granted. User’s must add each entry themselves manually and “self-attest” for job series such as 1102 and 1109. Once past the profile and supervisor pages, user will then have to add each role(s) by application they require access to. If a user is unsure what roles to select they should have a discussion with their manger or supervisor for clarification.

Question: If I Save my registration, how long do I have before I must complete it?

Answer: The application will allow the user to login and complete the registration within 30 days.

Question: Where do I go now to view/edit my Profile, Roles, and Security related information?

Answer: All account related menu options have been consolidated under the “My Account” link after logon.

Question: In v5.11.0 Contract Deficiency Report (CDR) and Contract closeout (CCO) were part of the EDA registration where CDR/CCO users had EDA access. Is this going to be the same registration process for v5.11.1?

Answer: The CDR and CCO applications are no longer part of the EDA registration, users will have to register for CDR, CCO, and EDA role(s) separately.

Question: My GAM responsibilities included administering a group and some of its sub-groups, will this change after ECP1139?

Answer: YES or NO depending on where the location codes exist in the “new” PIEE environment. Users with PIEE GAM responsibilities for a group and its sub-groups (today prior to the 5.11.1 deployment) will become a PIEE GAM for the same location codes they manage, and its sub groups, but their location within the PIEE group structure may change.

Question: As a SPM Department Administrator, I used to administer certain groups but it is no longer available?

Answer: In v5.11.1, Agency representatives requested restructuring group/sub-group organization. Active SPM Department Admins at group level 2 and 3 will be retained. SPM Department Admins below group level 3 should contact their organization representative and supervisor. You may add the PIEE GAM role for the appropriate group after this consultation. Click this link to view a general demo on adding roles to an existing user: Adding Roles to an Existing User Demo.

Question: I am a PIEE Government Administrator (GAM). In the PIEE Administration Console, viewing a user's Access Approval. On the Overview tab, there are user roles shown in the 'Pending Admin Approval' section. However, when looking at the User Roles tab, those user roles listed in the 'Pending Admin Approval' section are already active. Why is this happening?

Answer: The system determines "Pending Admin Approval" based on the Access Approval status. Since these user roles are old (registered prior to V5.6.0), they don't have the correct Access Approval status. Thus, they are showing under the 'Pending Admin Approval' section.

Question: During PIEE self-registration, the following message was displayed in a popup window when clicking the ‘Next’ button on the User Profile page: “Are you an Agency/Organization Program Coordinator (A/OPC)?” So, what is the Agency/Organization Program Coordinator (A/OPC)?

Answer: The Agency/Organization Program Coordinator (A/OPC) is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Travel Charge Card Program. A/OPC serves as the liaison between their agency, the bank, and the cardholder. Each A/OPC maintains an up-to-date list of all current cardholders and accounts to include information such as account names, account numbers, addresses, and telephone numbers.