Electronic Data Access (EDA) - Overview

What is EDA?

The Electronic Data Access (EDA) program is one of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Sourcing Environment programs. EDA supports the goals of the DLA to simplify and standardize the methods that DoD uses to interact with commercial and government suppliers in the acquisition of catalog, stock, as well as made-to-order and engineer-to-order goods and services initiatives to increase the application of Electronic Business/Electronic Commerce (EB/EC) across the Department of Defense (DoD). The EDA is a web-based system that provides secure online access, storage, and retrieval of Contracts, Contract modifications, Government Bills of Lading (GBLs), and Contract Deficiency Reports to authorized users throughout the DoD.

Machine Setup

General Steps to configure a machine to use Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment
  1. Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment Hardware Requirements
  2. Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment Software Requirements
  3. Ensure Computer Environment is Functioning Properly
  4. Load DoD Certificate Authorities
  5. Java Runtime Environment Installation (This step is only required for certificate users)
  6. Browser Setup
  7. Establish Client Security
  8. Plug-ins (if needed)
  9. PureEdge Viewer Setup for WAWF 2.0D Documents View only Access (if required)

EAF Introduction

The Enterprise Award File (EAF) in PIEE supports award administration throughout the DoD. This tool is intended to host documents and their related data for both assistance (e.g., grants) and procurement electronic award files.

Roles with EAF Manage Access