Acceptable Characters

Word processing programs should not be used to create input for WAWF. An ASCII text editor like Notepad may be used, but all formatting code is stripped out.

The characters listed above are allowed in WAWF if they are created / entered in ASCII. What is edited is the ASCII value of the characters, not the appearance on a display screen.

Word processing programs, e.g., MS Word or WordPerfect, use proprietary character sets, where the underlying code for a character may not match the ASCII value for the character, or may fall outside the acceptable range of ASCII character values.

Additionally, all formatting codes, e.g., Carriage Return or Tab, fall outside the acceptable ASCII value range.

These characters are accepted in WAWF

SPACE , 8 D P \ h t
! - 9 E Q ] i u
" . : F R ^ j v
# / ; G S _ k w
$ 0 < H T ` l x
% 1 = I U a m y
& 2 > J V b n z
' 3 ? K W c o {
( 4 @ L X d p |
) 5 A M Y e q }
* 6 B N Z f r ~
+ 7 C O [ g s