Document Status

In reviewing the folders, it is very important to understand the various Status Codes that may be associated with a document. By understanding these codes, the user can determine where the document is within the workflow. Below are the Status Codes within WAWF.

Status Description

Was Accepted.

Is either in the Certifier's folder (if in the workflow) or in the Pay Office.


Was Accepted.

Is either in the Certifier's folder (if in the workflow) or in the Pay Office.


Was Certified

Is in the Pay Office.

Correction Required Inspector makes Receiving Report available for correction.
Extracted Indicates all internal WAWF processing is complete and an EDI transaction has been sent to the payment office, but the payment office has not yet processed the document.
Hold On Hold within a government user's folder
In Process

Was Reviewed by a Reviewer.

Is in the Approver's folder.


Was inspected.

For Source/Source workflow - was forwarded to Pay Office unless an LPO is in the workflow.

For Source/Destination or Destination/Destination - was forwarded to the Acceptor.

For Cost Voucher - document was provisionally accepted by the DCAA Auditor and has been forwarded to the Pay Office unless an LPO is in the workflow.


This status is an active link to myInvoice system. Clicking on this status results in the display of the myInvoice Home page.

NOTE: Receiving Reports in WAWF do not receive a myInvoice acknowledgement.

Navy - In Process Extracts sent to the Navy Logistics systems. This follows normal document workflow.
Paid This status is an active link to the Historical Payment Information. CLickin on this status displays the information relevant to the actual payment, i.e., Disbursing Station Symbol Number, Voucher Number, Payment Date, Amount of Payment, and either the EFT Trace Number or the Check Number. In addition, the Voucher Number is a direct link to the Voucher Processing System (VPS), but only for agencies that submit a copy of the Disbursement Voucher to VPS.

Has been Pre-Certified.

Is in the Local Processing Office.


Has been Pre-Inspected.

For NAVCON Invoice - available in the Inspector's Inspection folder.


Was processed by the Pay Office.

Is within the Entitlement System, payment is in accordance with Prompt Payment terms.

Received Was Received by the Contractor or Government Receivers to record the receipt of purchased goods. This applies only to the Receiving Report and Energy Receiving Report.
Recall Available The Pay Official may make a document available for recall by the previous workflow user.
Rejected Was sent back to the initiator by the government.
Resubmitted Was corrected by the Initiator and resubmitted for action (only seen following a rejection by the government).

Was reviewed by a Pay Clerk.

Remains in the Pay Office awaiting processing.


Was created by the Vendor and is awaiting initial government action.

RR which was created by the government and is awaiting initial government action.

Suspended Document was placed into a Suspended status.
Suspended - CEFT Government created Misc Pay without a CAGE Code and where CEFT data is missing for the Payee SSAN/EIN. A Misc Pay that is in Suspended_CEFT Status will be available in the Suspended-CEFT Transactions Folder.
Void For Vendors & Initiators

Vendors/Initiators may void Receiving Reports and Invoices.

NOTE: An Invoice may only be voided after an LPO or Payment Official has rejected it.

Void For Government-Created Documents

Only the following document type created by the government may be voided by a government Initiator:

  • Receiving Report
  • Misc Pay

Typically, a document created with an invalid Contract Number, Delivery Order, Shipment Number, or Invoice Number (Header information) is a prime candidate for deletion (void). Void action is allowed when no government action has been taken on the document other than rejection back to the initiator. A document may not be voided if an EDI transaction was sent for that document. The void function is performed from the Initiator's History folder.

The document Creator may detemine if a document is available for recall by checking the Search Results window to see if a "V" Link is visible. If it is, then the document may be voided. If the link is not there, then the Creator must call the next processing step and request that the document be rejected back to him/her, allowing him/her to void the document.