Creating Pack Data (RFID)

An overview of how to use the WAWF system's Pack Data entry forms, and how to construct the Pack.

Your contract may require you to enter Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag data.

The Pack Tab is where you can provide detailed packaging information for the shipment. The Pack Data form is used to visually create how the various pallets, packages, boxes, containers, etc. of a shipment are put together.

See the DoD RFID Web site for up-to-date RFID information:

DoD RFID Web site (External Link)

Pallet - Container - Box - RFID:

Packing RFID data in WAWF.

This RFID demo will cover the following:

  • Create a Package ID (RFID)
  • Create a package structure consisting of containers, pallets, and/or boxes
  • Pack the data by CLIN/SLIN/ELIN and by UID
  • Mark the packages with all the UIDs packed in it
  • Identify nested package structures
RFID: The Five Packing Layers

Document Demo Doc Last Updated Notes
WAWF and RFIDs WAWF RFID Overview WAWF RFID Overview December 2017 This is a demonstration of a Vendor creating a document with Pack data. This includes where to find more information on the topic and how to navigate the application.