WAWF interfaces with Vendors, accounting systems, and logistics systems on the incoming side and payment systems, property systems, accounting systems, and logistics systems on the outgoing side. WAWF defines interfaces as external systems that push data into the WAWF application or external systems that have data pushed to them by WAWF.

WAWF currently interfaces with the following systems:

Accounting Systems

  • WAAS - Wide Area Augmentation System
  • SOMARDS - Standard Operation Maintenance Army Research And Development System
  • SIFS - Standard Industrial Fund System
  • DBMS - Defense Business Management System
  • STARS_HQ - Standardized Accounting and Reporting System - Head Quarters
  • STARS_FL - Standardized Accounting and Reporting System - Fleet
  • SABRS - Standard Accounting, Budgeting and Reporting System

Property Systems

  • AFEMS - Air Force Equipment Management System

Logistics Systems

  • DSS - Defense Support Services
  • ILSMIS - Industrial Logistics Support Management Information System
  • Navy ERP - Navy Enterprise Resource Planning

Any Vendor who is able to create and send an electronic file in the format specified by the WAWF application is eligible to participate in EDI /FTP processing. EDI/FTP processing permits the Vendor to use his/her local computer systems, to interface to the WAWF application. This may also be a desirable action for those companies that submit documents in large quantity or with a large quantity of Line Items, as an alternative to the Web creation of each document.

If the Vendor creates and submits the file via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the file is passed to the GEX system, and is then forwarded to WAWF. If the Vendor creates and submits via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), then the file is passed directly to WAWF.

WAWF is an intermediate step in the life cycle of government contracts for goods and services. Since payment is the ultimate goal of the Vendor, WAWF has been designed to work with the primary DoD Payment Systems. However, to fully implement the goals of paperless contracting, WAWF uses EDI transaction sets to interface with the Payment Systems.

The payment systems that are electronically interfaced to WAWF via EDI are:

  • MOCAS - Mechanization of Contract Administration System (DCMA)
  • EBS - Enterprise Business Systems (DLA)
  • ONE-PAY - Payment module of the Standard Accounting and Receiving System (Navy)
  • CAPS - Computerized Accounts Payable System (Army/Marines/DFAS) (CAPS-W only at this time)
  • Navy ERP - Navy Enterprise Resource Planning

Payment-related data is passed from WAWF to the specified Pay System via the GEX. For this reason, all Pay Office DoDAACs used in WAWF must also be tied to a valid Pay System. For those Pay Systems receiving WAWF documents via EDI, WAWF creates EDI transactions in its UDF (User Defined File) structure, and sends the transactions to GEX. GEX translates that data into the required format, and transmits the transaction to the appropriate Pay System. Once the EDI transaction is created within WAWF, the source document may not be voided, recalled, or otherwise acted on. However, for purposes of rejection, the Pay Office may recall a processed document for a period of 30 days following document processing by WAWF.