Contract Data Requirement List (CDRL) Attachments

The system will permit the user to attach a CDRL-type attachment:

  • Tied to an ELIN on a Receiving Report

PIEE defines a ELIN as a four position field: First position is an alpha character (A-Z) and last three positions are alphanumeric.

  • Only Pay Systems that allow ELINs will allow CDRL attachments.

The following fields convey the CDRL attachment within an ELIN:

  • CDRL Attachment Indicator
  • CDRL Attachment File Type
  • CDRL Attachment File Name

The Attachment extensions allowed are based on the settings for the SYSUID.

Before CDRLs can be added to a document, the System Administrator (SAM) will register the SYSUID in WAWF.

On registration, the SYSUID will be activated to use Web Services in WAWF to view the CDRL attachments.

WAWF will use Web Services to allow other systems to access the CDRL attachments after acceptance of the Receiving Report.

WAWF may also push CDRL attachments to GEX.

Upon acceptance of a Receiving Report where a CDRL attachment exists, PIEE will send an email to the SYSUID’s e-mail address that is registered in PIEE.

WAWF provides Vendors the capability to manually FTP over attachments electronically. These attachments can then be referenced and attached to inbound EDI transactions. Please contact the Help Desk for assistance in setting up a directory on the FTP server to submit attachments using this method. Once set up with a directory, Vendors will need to FTP over their file as a separate action from submitting the EDI file. The attachment needs to be present on the server at the time the inbound EDI file is processed by WAWF.

To send attachments to WAWF via EDI, Vendors may also use the 841 EDI Transaction Set. Vendors may not use the 841 EDI Transaction Set for anything other than sending attachments. Please refer to the EDI Guide - Appendix L (841_Attachments_BIN Segments) within WAWF for detailed EDI enveloping instructions for attachment data as only one document (i.e. one Transaction Set) can be transmitted with one 841 in an ISA/IEA when attachment data is submitted to WAWF.

Location of the EDI Guide - Appendix L (841_Attachments_BIN Segments) file:

  1. Log in as a user with an active WAWF System Administrator role
  2. Click the WAWF button
  3. In the new window, mouse-over Documentation in the navigation bar at the top of the screen
  4. Click Attachments in EDI in the drop-down menu

For the FTP method of creation, attachments are transferred to the server via SFTP along with the transaction file.

When submitting an attachment for a document, you must submit the attachments first, then the document file(s). Each attachment may only be used for a single document. A single attachment may not be used for multiple documents. If this is necessary, then submit the attachment with a unique name for each document.

The community has requested the capability for an external system (SYSUID) to view CDRL attachments without having to log into the PIEE application.

Implementation of the requirements within this ECP will provide an external user the capability to view a CDRL attachment without having to log into the PIEE application. To accomplish this requirement the following Web Service functionality has been incorporated:

The external user will access their System Web Service Client to request a list of URLs to the SYSUID's CDRL attachments by using methods in the SYSUID Web Service functionality.

User must supply to the Web Service method call the following information to obtain a list of URLs associated with a SYSUID:

  • SYSUID / Password
  • Number of files (if left blank- all files will be returned)

The external user's request to the SYSUID Web Service will return a list of URLs matching the criteria provided by the requestor.

Upon return of the list of URLs, the external user will have the option to select the specific attachment for review.

Instructions and other documents supporting this functionality can be accessed from WAWF.

WAWF users will be able to attach CDRL-type attachments that are tied to an ELIN on a Receiving Report.

Document Demo Doc Last Updated Notes
CDRL Attachments EDA Government and Government Support Contractor Registration EDA Government and Government Support Contractor Registration Oct 2016 This is an overview of the WAWF Contract Data Requirement List (CDRL) Functionality. This demo explains the actions the SAM can take within this application and the fields necessary to fill out for a SAM registering a SYSUID.