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Digital certificates are encrypted files containing private keys that are verified against a chain of trust that is known to the br/owser. PKI certificates are optional for Vendors and required for government personnel. Due to infrastructure limitations, a government user is permitted to use a user ID/password to log on to the system, while awaiting receipt of his/her PKI certificate.

Reference Guide PDF Notes
Certificate Export for Registration (PDF) Click this link to go to the Certificate Export for Registration (PDF). This guide will demonstrate how to export the certificate with ActivClient, Internet Explorer, “New” Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome. The following steps can be followed to check for the appropriate certificate for a PIEE user to export for registration. The user will check the Smart Card for the certificate with the Friendly Name equal to Authentication – USERNAME, if not present on the Smart Card then the user must use the ID – USERNAME certificate.

Registration Support Demos

Document Demo Doc Last Updated Notes
Alternate Supervisor Role Approval This is an overview of the Alternate Supervisor Role Approval Demo video. This is an overview of the Alternate Supervisor Role Approval Demo document. August 2020 Action can be taken by primary or Alternate Supervisor by selecting tokenized link email notification. The Alternate Supervisor will review the same data/user profile elements as the Primary Supervisor. The first Supervisor to act on the account is the action provider. The second person to respond will receive a message the account has already been approved.
Find My Account Administrator Find My Account Administrator Search Find My Account Administrator Search April 2020 This is an overview of the Find My Account Administrator search functionality.