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Conformance Process

The PDS Contract Conformance Process/Engine incorporates/merges a PDS modification as they arrive in EDA into the appropriate PDS Award document (either the base contract or latest PDS contract conform view) resulting in a new Conform Contract View (CCV) document.

Note: PDS files identified as being originated by a Non-DoD system will not be conformed at this time. Once the Federal Arena determines the requirements the conformance capability can be implemented.

An existing PDS Contract Award is necessary to engage the EDA Contract Conformance Process.

The Contract Conformance Process includes the following steps:

  1. EDA Receives a PDS Contract Modification
  2. EDA Generates a PDS CCV File
  3. GeX Validates a PDS CCV File
  4. EDA Publishes/Displays the PDS CCV File

EDA audits each incoming transaction activity and provides details in the Contract History screen in EDA (Click History "H" link from the Contract Query Results screen). A Conformance Process Log link is available to government and authorized government support contractors on the Contract History screen which includes audit details of the conformance process/events for the entire contract. The Conformance Process Log covers an Award and all of its modifications, conforming events and statuses. The Conformance Log will primarily be a tool used to facilitate researching issues in the conformance process itself, issues in Contract writing, or issues in validation of regulations.

Conformance Log Events & Comment

PDS Received (+Award or +Mod) <PDS Version> or [<Mod Number>] and <PDS Version>
PDS Invalid (Award or Mod) The Modification Schema Version <Schema Version> was incompatible with the Previous CCV Schema Version <Schema Version>
PDS Deleted (Award or Mod) The data provider directed EDA to delete the PDS file
CCV Created +CCV, Report [<Mod Number>] and <PDS Version>
CCV Valid CCV, Report GeX Reported "Passed with warnings" or GeX Reported "Passed without errors"
CCV Deficient CCV, Report CCV is Schema Invalid <PDS version>
CCV Invalid CCV, Report GeX Reported "Failed - File issues" or GeX Reported "Failed - Validation"
CCV Invalidated -CCV A change to the Modification Sequence invalidated the CCV
CCV Obsoleted CCV This CCV file is obsolete because one of the files from which it was built is no longer available
GeX Unavailable CCV Attempt to Access GeX Failed with <Some Status>

Note: Links indicate files being '-' Removed or '+' Added during the conform process. Reports are generated and available with more details on a particular event.

Audit Information


Actioned by = EDA

Event - Details (+/-) (CCVs or Reports)