Electronic Data Access (EDA) - CBAR Overview

The purpose of the Contract Business Analysis Repository (CBAR) is to capture and display information centrally about the suppliers it supports. The Armed Services, Defense Agencies and many Civilian Federal Agencies use this information to understand the health of the suppliers' businesses.

The Contract Business Analysis Repository (CBAR) is a tool, accessible by both internal Cognizant Administration employees and external DoD and non-DoD Federal Agencies, which provides acquisition-related data on contractors (CAGE/DUNS+4/UEI) and negotiations completed by DoD Procuring Contracting Officers. The information in the system is created by Cognizant Administration ACO personnel as well as contracting officers in the field conducting negotiations. Based on roles/access requests via the tool, acquisition professionals may access the data to make more informed decisions on their own acquisitions. The CBAR application captures the following contract-related information about companies:

  • Indirect Costs and Direct Labor Rates
  • Business Systems
  • Cost Accounting Standards
  • Corporate Information

Access to CBAR is handled by General Account Management Process in PIEE. The user’s span of control is based on the DoDAAC(s) that are associated with the user’s role.

The following chart details the approval and activation process for all EDA CBAR user roles.

EDA User Role



CBAR ACO Supervisor Government Administrator
CBAR Contracting Officer Supervisor Government Administrator
CBAR View Only Supervisor Government Administrator
CBAR PMO Supervisor Super Administrator