Electronic Data Access (EDA) - Create Contractor Data Sheet

Create Contractor Data Sheet

Reference Guide

EDA Roles

Roles with the ability to create a Contractor Data Sheet in EDA

  • CBAR Contracting Officer

To navigate to CBAR, log in to the PIEE portal and select the EDA application icon.

Within the EDA module, select CBAR from the navigation pane.

Contractor Data Sheet Details

The user will navigate to the Create Contractor Data Sheet page and enter Contractor Data Sheet criteria.

1. Enter a CAGE or DUNS+4. If a CAGE or DUNS+4 is already in PIEE, the Corporate Details will auto-populate.

2. Select the Add Point of Contact button to add a Point of Contact to the Contractor Data Sheet.

Enter all necessary Point of Contact data on the Add Point of Contact form. The Cognizant ACO/DACO and the Contracts Director or CACO/DACO Group Director are required Point of Contact entries. Select the Save button to continue or select the Cancel button to close the modal without saving changes.

3. Upon entering all necessary data, select the Save button to complete creation of the Contractor Data Sheet record.

4. Select the Cancel button to exit the Create Contractor Data Sheet screen and return to the CBAR menu.

5. Select the Bookmark button to add a link to the Create Contractor Data Sheet to the Bookmarks menu on the EDA Dashboard.

Form Fields

  • Corporate Details
    • CAGE
    • DUNS+4
    • UEI
    • Name
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip/Postal Code
    • Country
    • Cognizant DCMA Office DoDAAC
    • Cognizant DCMA Office Name
    • Doing Business As
    • Cognizant Federal Agency Official (CFAO) DoDAAC
    • Cognizant Federal Agency Official (CFAO) Office Name
    • Indirect Cost DoDAAC
  • Points of Contact
    • Add Point of Contact
      • Point of Contact Details
        • Contact Type
        • First Name
        • Middle Initial
        • Last Name
        • Phone
        • Email