EDA Pre-Pop

Allow for the pre-population from EDA of all data elements that are present in EDA and used in WAWF.

The system will permit vendors and government users to create invoices and receiving reports by leveraging CLIN level data already available on the award.

Additionally, routing location codes may be pulled from EDA once the Initiator has entered the contract award key data.

If the Contract Data cannot be found in EDA, a warning message is displayed and the user has the option of returning to enter a different Contract Number or continuing forward with the creation of the document.

For pre-population of routing data on Vendor create, the user must enter the correct Contract Number and Delivery Order (if applicable).

There is no EDA Pre-Pop for the following:

  • Property Transfer Documents
  • Misc. Pay Documents
  • Telecom Non-Contractual Documents

Click this link to view fields populated by EDA by WAWF Document Type:

View Fields populated by EDA for each WAWF Document Type

The Document Create was updated to give the vendor the option of pre-populating the Contract Number and Delivery Order Number.

Vendor can pre-populate using a list from the EDA system.

Vendor can pre-populate using Contract Numbers and Delivery Orders from previously submitted WAWF documents.

The purpose of this ECP was to remove the optional "Populate CLINs" button and make it mandatory to pre-populate EDA CLIN data, if available. (See Demo Below)

Document Demo Doc/PDF Last Updated Notes
EDA Pre-Pop of Contract Number and Delivery Order EDA Pre-Pop of Contract Number and Delivery Order Overview EDA Pre-Pop of Contract Number and Delivery Order Overview November 2015 This is an overview of the EDA Pre-Pop of Contract Number and Delivery Order.
EDA Pre-pop has been updated to allow pre-pop of SDN with 9 positions in length when the Pay System is One Pay and the AAI contains a value in the new lookup table (ECP0704) ECP0704 Overview ECP0704 Overview June 2012 This overview of ECP0704 describes the changes made to the Certify/Approve DoD Agencies LOA in PIEE for One Pay Invoices.
Mandatory EDA Pre-Pop Mandatory EDA Pre-Pop Overview Mandatory EDA Pre-Pop Overview December 2017 This is an overview of Mandatory EDA Pre-Pop. This explains the Template indicator, checking for CLINs entered and messages to be displayed.