Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment - Logon and User Maintenance Overview

Password Failure

If a user enters their password incorrectly 3 times within 20 minutes then they are locked out of PIEE for 60 minutes. If they enter the password incorrectly 3 more times while the account is locked, all of their roles will be deactivated. Administrators are able to reset passwords via the admin console or reset certificates for a user under their span of control. Password resets are for one time use and should be given to the user over the phone, not through email. When login is successful, the user should be prompted to change their one-time password. Once a CAC card has expired, an administrator can reset a CAC through the admin console so the user can login with the new CAC.

Login Requirements

Users must login into PIEE within a certain amount of days or they will be deactivated. This timeframe is system property driven. Users should contact their GAM to activate their user roles.


Digital certificates are encrypted files containing private keys that are verified against a chain of trust that is known to the br/owser. PKI certificates are optional for Vendors and required for government personnel. Due to infrastructure limitations, a government user is permitted to use a user ID/password to log on to the system, while awaiting receipt of his/her PKI certificate.

Reference Guide PDF Notes
Inactivate/Activate Workflow Diagram (PDF) Click this link to go to the Inactivate/Activate Workflow Diagram (PDF). This an overview of how to how to review of the Inactivate/Activate Workflow Diagram.
Reset User Click this link to go training on how a GAM resets a User's Certificate (PDF). This guide provides instructions on how a GAM resets a User's Certificate.

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