Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment - GAM Span of Control by Interest

Government Administrator

PIEE GAMs who have a defined span of control will receive new registration emails as well as emails from users adding additional roles. The chosen Areas of Interest define the emails a GAM will receive for applicable applications and role combinations. However, GAMs have the ability to act on a user in their span of control regardless if they received notification or not.

The Areas of Interest are:

  • Procurement
  • Finance
  • Program Management
  • Logistics
  • FedMall
  • GPC - Purchase Card

This link provides a list of roles associated to each area of interest: GAM Areas of Interest Help

The image provides a preview of the GAM Areas of Interest Help Page showing JAM Roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are there any actions necessary for existing GAMs?

Answer: Existing GAMs will have all Areas of Interest selected by default. The selection may be changed at any time by visiting their PIEE profile settings. While users can control and update their Span of Control via my profile, any changes should be discussed with their higher level GAMs before making changes.

Question: How are areas of interest related, do you get specific emails? Do you get specific access or privileges?

Answer: Depending on the area of interest selections different emails will be received.

Question: As a GAM, how do I update my Areas of Interest?

Answer: Once the GAM is logged into PIEE navigate to “My Account” -> “Manage Roles” -> Click the “View” link under the GAM Areas of Interest column. Please see the screenshot below.

The image provides a preview of the GAM Updating their Areas of Interest.