Government Purchase Card (GPC) - Web Based Training

What is GPC, and how does it relate to JAM?

Government Purchase Card (GPC)

The Government Purchase Card (GPC) mission is to streamline payment procedures and reduce the administrative burden associated with purchasing supplies and services. The GPC provides “on the spot” purchasing, receiving, and payment authority for individuals other than contracting or purchasing officers. DFAS eSolutions GPC Program helps to develop and maintain an interface for automated receipt, processing of GPC invoices, and automated posting of obligations in accordance with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) ANSI X12 standards.

Joint Appointment Module (JAM)

The Joint Appointment Module (JAM) is to provide functionality within PIEE to support appointments required for users who play a role in the management of their organization’s government purchase card program.

  • All government purchase card appointments will be initiated, reviewed, approved, rejected, deleted, tracked and terminated as appropriate.
  • New PIEE roles, to include appointed and non-appointed roles, will be established to support the appointments and purchase card program management.
  • These roles will be added and will go through the normal PIEE role registration process. Roles requiring appointment will require the appointment be active prior to a GAM activating the role.
  • JAM will also track training information specific to each appointment to ensure that the appointee has completed their required training.
  • JAM will output the required appointment documentation to include DD577 and/or appointment letter as appropriate. For the cardholder appointment a Statement of Understanding will also be rendered.
  • The system will support an interface to the bank sending appointment information for the Certifying Officer, Approval Official and Cardholder appointments from PIEE to the designated bank(s).